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Offering Highly Sought-After Teas, Coffees, and Juices

Herbal Teas, Rich Coffees, & Fresh Juices

Relax and enjoy a cup of tea, an espresso, or freshly prepared juice at Tea Ba Tea. Located in Santa Rosa, California, our tea and coffee shop offers only the best. We boast a relaxing and casual environment where guests can sip on their beverage of choice or enjoy a healthy tasty treat. We also have a wide-screen TV displaying menus as well as mountaintops and tea fields of China. In addition, we offer Wi-Fi access, as well as calming Chinese and spa style music playing in the background. Stop by Tea Ba Tea today to sit back and relax as you enjoy what we have to offer. We offer only the best.

Cup of Coffee

You're sure to find something you'll like at our tea and coffee shop. All of our drinks are made to order by our trained baristas, and include your choice of ingredients. We proudly serve Taylor Maid Farms Organic Coffee and Espresso drinks. We have prepackaged pastries available as well. 

Drinks and Pastries

Enjoy a latte, herbal tea, or one of our many other delicious drinks!
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About Us

Tea Ba Tea is a tea and coffee shop that offers coffee, tea, and juice, as well as dessert. Everything is made with the highest quality ingredients and served in a relaxing, tranquil environment.

Our operator is a Chinese woman who is educated and trained in finding rare, hard-to-find teas and coffees. She knows what to look for when it comes to selecting highly prized teas and coffees, and enjoys offering these one-of-a-kind drinks to guests. Her wish is to offer customers only the best experience, and finest quality foods.

Tea Ba Tea is conveniently located near the airport in Santa Rosa, California. We are a proud member of the 
Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce.


Thank you for your interest. Please reach out with questions or comments using the information below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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5280 Aero Drive
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